End of week 5

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I'm home sick today so I thought I'd take a few minutes to post an update. This week was 100% a working week on the Java 'mastery project'. Essentially we're learned all the Java we're going to in this class, so we spent the week demonstrating our skills and building another console-based CRUD app. This time the project was to build an order tracker for a flooring company - there was some basic calculations and validation for each order as well as a little complexity in managing the files in which orders were saved.

I'm still pretty dramatically ahead of the rest of the class. As of Thursday's stand-up, all but maybe 3-4 students had spent all their time catching up from the vending machine project that was due the 4th, while I finished the mastery project Thursday. It took me a solid 20 hours to put together so I hope they're able to make the time to finish before its final deadline of 3/1.

I'm looking forward to getting some exposure to SQL next week along with the start of the job-search track. We'll be doing a resume workshop next week and after that I'll probably start sending out applications. Now it's sort of a 4 day weekend for me! Maybe if I'm feeling better later I'll put in some time improving this blog site.

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