Writing Warmup: Version Control and Git

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Prompt: Describe Git and version control and why we are using it.

As the size and complexity of projects increases and teams grow to more than one member, version control becomes an important concept. There are a variety of major benefits of version control:

- Changes can be rolled back.

- Multiple team members can work on different elements of the project and defer integrating their changes until they're done.

- Major changes can be separated into branches so that development of new features can continue while the current release is also supported with bugfixes.

Git is a specific version control software package that supports tracking the changes to your codebase, branches, pull requests, and a variety of other useful features to facilitate teams of varying sizes to contribute to a project. While Git initially took off due to its use in the development of the Linux kernel, a variety of sites such as GItHub, GitLab and BItBucket have facilitated public Git repositories.

This is very useful for open source projects and web-based tools have made contributing much simpler than Git's core command line interface. Not to mention, they have become a sort of 'social media for developers' that allow developers to publicize their work and solicit help. In our class, we use a Git repository hosted through BitBucket to submit and revise assignments.

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