Week 7: Things move fast!

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Time's been flying and I haven't had a chance to post an update in a bit. Last week we covered SQL and the conceptual foundations of relational databases. A bit later if I have a chance I'll do some writing posts on ACID and how relational databases work. The big takeaway is that your programs are dramatically more userful and easy to write when you don't have to roll your own data storage. It was exciting material to learn, while obviously this site has a small database running behind it, I now feel much more prepared to add more complex features like tags or user groups.

This week we're covering JDBC - integrating database access into our Java code. So far it's pretty straightforward and we've learned some nice Spring Boot features to make wiring our dependencies together much more simple. (I imagine, I'm still having a little trouble getting my updated vending machine to run.)

In other news, Monday was the final cutoff for the first half of the course's projects. So far it looks like we only lost one person. It's disappointing - he was a cool guy and just a little behind conceptually. I'm sure he'll do fine when he retakes in the spring.

Now that the 'getting a job' side of the program has spun up, I'm working on cleaning up my LinkedIn, resume, and GitHub. It's kind of fun, I feel much more confident about pitching my skills now than I did a few weeks ago.

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