Week 9: Moving into the home stretch!

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Once again things have been a bit busy so I've had less time for posting, here's a quick overall update.

In the past couple weeks we've covered designing REST APIs and using Javascript and Ajax to consume said APIs to do live updates on a web page. This week we're covering Thymeleaf, a templating language for Java and bringing it all together to build a full stack web page.

This is the last week of formal instruction! Starting next week and continuing through week 12, we will be working on projects - there's an individual mastery project as well as a group capstone.

On the jobs side of things, we have also been moving rapidly. We have written our resumes and had them reviewed by SWG staff as well as recruiters volunteering their time. I felt pretty good about my resume to start with, but it's gotten a lot better!

This week we've also been doing interview prep, yesterday we reviewed my 'elevator pitch' and I'm feeling more confident about things by the day. I started sending out applications yesterday.

Outside of the coursework, the culmination of the course is 'speed interview' sessions - basically speed dating but for jobs. Next week we will have prep sessions for it, then in week 11 it's the big event. Everyone in the class is starting to get antsy for the end, we've learned a lot but none of us have jobs and money's getting a little tight for pretty much everyone. It's a big commitment to be here, but I think we've all grown a lot very quickly.

Finally, in personal projects news - this week I'm way ahead on the course material since it's mostly review of how to integrate the stuff we've already learned. I might finally be able to add a sidebar to this site introducing what it even is. Maybe I'll do some more styling! Probably no major updates to the backend but we'll see.

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