Individual and Group Final Projects

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We're definitely moving into the home stretch now! Last week we were assigned our final individual project - a superhero sighting tracker. I'm having fun with it so far, sprinkling a bunch of My Hero Academia references into my test data. So far, I've implemented my databases and DAOs, wireframed all the pages and put together the HTML layouts and basic CSS and Javascript functionality. All that's left is to make controllers and link everything up! This one has been fun enough I'll work out how to get it hosted when the project's done, it'd be an OK thing to link to.

On the other hand, we just got our group project assignment. It's... a blog. A blog with some of the features on my to-do list for this blog, but I'm still not too thrilled. We're allowed to pitch other ideas, so I'm going to see if the group is interested in doing a social media platform. I think it would be about the same amount of work and has the bonus of being something I haven't already done.

In other news, we're getting ready for speed interviews. Next week, we'll get to have a bunch of 20 minute interviews with employers in the area. They've built it up as sort of a capstone of the program, so I'll be doing a lot of research on the employers tonight. Anyway, that's all I've got. Wish me luck on getting a fun group project!

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