Week 11 Update

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So, if you're starting out in The Software Guild or considering joining the program, I want to talk about week 11. In a lot of ways, week 11 is going to be the capstone of your whole Guild experience. You will be working on two different, fairly large projects - an individual mastery project and a group project. While you're doing that, you'll be applying for jobs wherever you can and you will also be preparing for the speed interviews. This is a lot! I've felt like I'm ahead in this class most of the time, but this week was very stressful. Here's a couple things to keep in mind.

-The speed interviews are a great opportunity, don't pass it up. Try to get as many sessions as you can as long as you're legitimately interested and do you homework for each and every one. I had a list of questions prepared for each interview and it was a great comfort to have done the work in advance.

- This is the time staying on top of the coursework earlier will really pay off - if your projects come easily you'll have more time to prep.

- If you're stressed, that's normal. Everyone is exhausted and stretched too thin. 10 weeks is a long time to be continuously learning at your maximum capacity! Just take a deep breath and remember that this is your Super Bowl, finish strong.

- If you're nervous about interviews, try not to worry too much. Everyone there knows they're interviewing bootcamp students, they're not going to destroy you with technical questions you had no chance to answer. Also, most of our interviewers were recruiters or staffing people - also known as Professionally Likable People. You'll have a fun time after the first one!

For my personal story, I interviewed with 9 companies over two days (it was originally going to be 12 but a few had late emergency drops - sign up for as many as you can!). I'm not really sure whether I should be naming companies, but there were two major recognizable brands, several consulting firms, several recruiters and a couple staffing agencies. I felt like every interview was a learning experience, and some companies impressed me far more in person than I gave them credit for from their website. Give everyone a chance, there's a fair possibility that you just didn't get a clear picture in your research.

At the end of the day I came away with no concrete offers (none were expected), a few companies I expect to hear back from, and a new really positive relationship with a recruiter. I also feel like I'm a dramatically better and more confident interviewee. I also got to meet a lot of cool new people and see a lot of new perspectives on the tech and tech hiring worlds. All in all, totally worth the time!

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