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This will be my last update as a student at The Software Guild, but I think I'll keep this blog going as I continue my journey in the world of tech. Today we presented our group projects to the rest of the class - ours wasn't perfect, but everything worked and I'm proud of what we managed to get done while working around interviews and individual projects.

In personal news, I had interviews with two companies from the speed interviews this week. One of them was a written test where we covered OOP basics, SQL basics and a couple quick coding problems. I did pretty well on it (referencing my notes here helped!) and got a call back to interview on Monday. The other interview was a full technical interview starting with fizz buzz and ending with a generalized version that could take any number of words and numbers with some basic unit testing. I felt pretty good about how it went, especially when they mentioned that I was the first junior developer to use a hashmap to solve it, apparently usually only seniors do. They're working on machine learning stuff so I have high hopes that they'll think it's as good a fit as I do!

All in all, I really enjoyed this program. My technical headstart meant that it was not quite as demanding as it might have been, but I learned a lot of practical skills and look forward to applying them in the workplace. I'm a much more confident interviewer and got to make a lot of cool people and make some valuable connections. Part of why I signed up is because I had no idea how to navigate the world of tech jobs, and now I know a fair bit! The rest of the class has developed a lot in the last few weeks as well - while not everyone is done with all their projects quite yet, they're all pretty close and are clearly much more confident coders than at the six week mark.

All in all, if you're new to coding and have a strong work ethic, this is a good way to dive in to the field. Tomorrow we're having a little celebration and graduation ceremony and this weekend I'm taking a well-deserved break. Monday, it's time to dive into the full-time job hunt! I'll be applying places, finding meetups to go to and keeping my coding active. I might get to write an scoring app for a kickstarter board game if it reaches a high enough stretch goal, so I'll be digging into the Ionic framework. Wish me luck!

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